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March 12, 2012


Sister Diane

Gah!! How did I miss that this was YOUR project?! I love this thing - I wish I'd have had a whole closet of them when I was a little girl. All bridesmaid's dresses would be lucky to have this fate, frankly. :-)


That is a lovely re-fashion. My library still doesn't have a copy, but hopefully they will soon. Or maybe I will if I get lucky here on your blog.


Congrats, Stacie! A beautiful princess dress! I finally got a sewing machine for Christmas so I can just dream of the possibilities.


Very sweet. I've had fun experimenting with reviving pre-loved knits: patches, felting, darning, re-knitting. Looking forward to learning more about others' projects and approaches. Thanks!

Rachel Erin

That is probably the best use of an old bridemaid's dress that I have ever seen.

I've always loved mending and up-cycling, and even though I'm fairly experienced, this book looks like it could teach me a lot.

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